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Shade trees are considered an asset to any landscape and make the environment greener and more vibrant.  Fast-growing shade trees accomplish this in the shortest amount of time.

Shade trees are known to control temperatures during the harsh summer months. When grown in a strategic location, they can also help reduce utility bills by reducing cooling costs. There are many varieties of shade trees available so you can create your own shade on your property.

Mature shade trees not only provide cool summer shade, but they also enhance the landscape and add value to your property. Most trees have a very long lifespan and can live for hundreds of years. For a tree to be a great shade tree, it must have two characteristics: it must grow fast, so you don’t have to wait decades to get the benefits, and it must be strong.

Before you dive into the list of the 11 best fast-growing shade trees, take a second to learn about the benefits of shade trees

If you are looking for fast-growing shade trees to compliment your existing landscape, you are in the right place.

Tree Growth

List of the 11 best fast-growing shade trees

After browing the list of shade trees please read our shade tree considerations so you don’t run into issues with your shade tree as it matures. Finally we will wrap up the blog post and by then we hope you will want to plant a shade tree today!
Shade Tree in Backyard

What the best shade trees have to offer

If any feature can be identified as the basis for effective landscaping, it is the existence of mature shade trees. Developers’ unsuccessful model of wholesale cutting trees, along with the growing use of landless fields for commercial projects, has turned its attention to the owner, who must start with practically nothing in terms of fast-growing shade trees.

Shade trees offer two wonderful benefits.  They provide shade during the hot summer months, which can help cool the home and keep your utility bills low. Shade trees also provide protection from the wind.

More benefits of good shade trees

Fast-growing shade trees can reduce dirt and dust around your home and provide protection from gusts of wind. But there are also many aesthetic things to consider. There are things that bushes and trees can do to enhance the look of your home. Properly positioned, they can complement the lines in your home and be very aesthetically appealing.

Shade trees seem to reduce the unusual height of the taller homes in a neighborhood.  They soften the lines in the new residence and provide wonderful contrasts in color and feel. Plan from the start to plant new shade trees that will blend in with your home’s colors and best match its architectural design.

Making a yard designed for relaxation and enjoyment is quite possible, you just have to remember to choose trees that will bring you the pleasure and beauty of the shade. If you are doing a DIY project and you have any questions, talk to a knowledgeable employee at your local plant nursery or contact us if you are in the Spokane Valley area.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

The Autumn Blaze variety of maple trees are quite popular for its bright and glowing autumn leaves. It is a fast-growing shade tree that can add many colors to the landscape and can grow up to 10-25 feet per year.

The tree has beautiful leaves that turn red in autumn. They are drought tolerant and require less maintenance than other varieties of trees. Their ability to adapt to a variety of soils makes them ideal for many landscapes. The Autumn Blaze Maple is also known to be resistant to various diseases and pests.

River Birch

River Birch Tree

This River Birch is another fast-growing shade tree with amazing yellow autumn leaves. It can grow about 9-12 feet per year and can tolerate standing water.

They are a natural solution for drainage problems in your yard.

Birch trees have dense leaves that block direct sunlight into homes. You can also grow them for the privacy of your home. A birch tree is a great tree for any garden. These trees have large arched branches that grow close to the ground and are ideal for children to play under.

Princess Tree

Princess Tree

It is also commonly known as Empress Tree or Paulownia Empress. It is a beautiful, fast-growing shade tree that produces small purple flowers in spring.

The flowers are fragrant and add a pleasant scent to the surroundings. It is very frost resistant and drought tolerant. If you are looking for a low-maintenance ornamental tree, you may want to consider growing a princess tree.

Leyland Cyprus

Leyland Cyprus Tree

The Leyland cypress is an evergreen tree that is thin and bushy, not as large as some other shade trees on our list. It grows vertically and is commonly used for coverage or privacy.

However, you can also use them to shade your home by growing them in a straight line. Creating a hedge can cast a shadow over your entire property. They are great for blocking sunlight and wind from getting to your home.

Chinese Pistache

Chinese Pistache Tree

The Chinese pistache tree is usually pest-free and very drought tolerant. This shade tree is a great choice for many southwestern landscape architects.

It turns bright red in autumn and offers a lovely shade. It has an umbrella-like canopy and can grow up to 180 feet tall. Young Chinese pistaches can look a little out of place, but when it reaches maturity, it is a tree with a beautiful shade

Live Oak Shade Tree

Live Oak Tree

Live oak trees provide plenty of shade and can be pruned to almost any shape.  It has an umbrella-like canopy and is one of the fastest-growing oak trees in the world.

It can grow up to 330 feet tall. When it reaches maturity, it becomes a beautiful shade tree. Fertilize a live oak tree in the spring when the leaves are germinating to encourage faster growth. This tree is drought tolerant but requires regular watering after it is first planted.

Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping willows are extremely fast-growing shade trees.  The leaves are long, narrow, and drooping down which gives the effect of “crying.”

It is deciduous and turns golden yellow in autumn.  The root system is slightly invasive and susceptible to insects. This shade tree is a great choice for many landscape architects and is found in landscapes all over America.

Modesto Ash Tree

Modesto Ash Tree

Modesto ash trees are a moderately fast-growing shade tree. It is deciduous and the leaves turn bright golden yellow in autumn.

They can grow up to 160 feet tall and 180 feet wide. They are great shade trees for large backyards. This tree is drought tolerant and can tolerate poor soil, making it a good choice for those without a green thumb.

Mimosa Tree

Mimosa Tree

It is deciduous and has very interesting flowers that really make it stand out from the crowd. It can grow about 150 feet tall and 180 feet wide. Another great shade tree for a large yard. This tree is drought tolerant and can tolerate poor soil.

Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak Tree

The red oak is an exceptional shade tree as it reaches a mature height of about 150 feet. It will grow into a large dome that offers a lot of sun protection, under which you can have a picnic or relax with a book. Northern red oak trees grow best in climate zones 5-9.

Green Vase Zelkova

Green Vase Zelkova Tree

Green Vase Zelkova is a vase-shaped tree on which branches and dark green leaves are scattered vertically, which turn brown in autumn. It will reach 210 feet tall and a width of about 150 feet. It grows well in full sun and partial shade and works well on many types of soil. It is very strong and does not bend in high winds.

Tree Growing in Power Lines

Considerations before planting large shade trees

Faster growing is cool, but don’t make it the main criterion when choosing a shade tree. Homeowners investing in any tree should study its growing habits and find out if it is suitable for their climate zone. There are many different fast-growing trees that work well in your home’s landscapes, and a little research can help you find the perfect ones for you.

Please consider fast-growing trees tend to have aggressive root systems that can block septic tanks, underground pipes, and so on.

We must also remember that many shade trees have generous canopies that interfere with power lines and other structures.

Please make sure you take these things into account so you can make the right decision about the ideal trees for your property.

Fast-Growing Shade Tree Nursery

Head to your local nursery and pick our your new shade tree!

These fast-growing shade trees are all amazing trees that can enhance your front or backyard. Once established, they require little care and maintenance.  For a great selection of large trees available for purchase and transplanting in your lawn, check out Greenacres Nursery & Landscape Supply if you are in the Spokane/Spokane Valley area.

Mature shade trees can make your property unique and increase property value. They can also help cool the temperature of your home during the hot summer months and reduce energy bills.  Healthy mature shade trees can impress even the most skilled gardeners out there.

They are also a great place for barbecues, parties, and other outdoor gatherings on sunny summer days. With so many awesome shade trees to choose from we are sure there is one perfect for your wants and needs.