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With lots of options for lawn care service providers in Spokane, WA we wanted to take a second to tell you why we feel you should consider Spokane’s Finest Lawns for your lawn care needs in Spokane, WA, and nearby.

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We’re a local small business in Spokane, Washington

When you work with a local lawn care service for your lawn care needs, you get all of the knowledge only years of experience can bring.  Lawn care maintenance schedules and best practices vary greatly across the country.

We know how to care for lawns right here in Spokane!  Tap into our expertise in caring for the local lawns and let’s make your neighbors jealous this year.

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Hassle-Free Lawn Care Service

You should expect the lawn care service you choose to hire to be able to perform the services they offer competently.  Sometimes lawn care companies get a bad wrap because underqualified people often start a lawn care business and provide their customers with a bad experience until they finally have had enough and switch their service provider.

You can be confident in your choice to have Spokane’s Finest Lawns care for your lawn even before contacting us by reading the reviews our current clients have been kind enough to leave us online.

We are not only going to be reliable and perform quality work each time we service your lawn, but we are also going to make working with us as easy as can be.  We have office staff ready to answer your calls or respond to your emails promptly.  Our invoices come electronically and we accept all major credit cards.  You can even put your card on file with us to automate paying for your services after they are completed to your satisfaction.

Jose Covarrubias, owner of Spokane's Finest Lawns, with his wife and two children.

We’re The McDonald’s of Lawn Care

Whether you like McDonald’s or not, it’s hard to argue that McDonald’s is not a great business.

The main reason McDonald’s is so successful is that you can walk into just about any McDonald’s in the world and get exactly what you were expecting.  McDonald’s is so successful because of the systems they’ve created over the years to ensure a consistently positive experience for their customers.

Jose Covarrubias is the owner of Spokane’s Finest Lawns and lives in Spokane, WA with his wife and children.  Before starting his local lawn care company in Spokane, he was a manager at McDonald’s.  Jose was fascinated by how smooth McDonald’s ran because of the systems they had in place.  From the beginning, Jose has been refining his business’s systems to ensure a quality service is performed each visit and everything else is seamless from requesting and accepting your free estimate, communications in general, invoicing, and paying your invoice.

Experience the Difference at Spokane’s Finest Lawns

Are you ready to experience how lawn care should be?

Let’s get you started by providing you with your free, no-obligation estimate today.

Spokane’s Finest Lawns can handle almost any of your lawn and landscape needs including weekly lawn mowing, weed and free treatments for your lawn, general upkeep of your landscape (mulching, pruning, weeding, leaf removal, and more), and even maintaining your sprinkler system.  We even hang Christmas lights!

Start By Requesting Your Free Estimate

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