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Happy New Year!  Our seasonal lawn care tips will show you how to get the best from your lawn all year.  As we welcome 2019, there is a lot of #newyearnewme #newyearbetterme and #newyearbestself. But for us at Spokane’s Finest Lawns we’re hash tagging #newyearnewlawn #newyearbetterservice and #newyearbestlawncare.

Why not dedicate a new year’s resolution to having the best lawn you can? It starts with knowing how to care for it throughout the whole year. Read below for for your 2019 Seasonal lawn care tips.

Lawn Care Tips for Spring

Spring is a time to truly enjoy the outdoors as it has warmed up, and nature is blooming. The best steps to care for your lawn in the spring starts with clearing away any winter debris. Rake up leaves and twigs quickly to avoid your lawn being smothered. Now give your lawn a fresh cut and keep that mower handy as your grasses will start growing quickly.

Springtime is also one of the times on the lawn fertilizing schedule, so check if this is the best time for your weather. Herbicides and Aeration are also fitting in the spring. Most importantly, enjoy your landscape and outdoor space. Maybe plant some flowers to enjoy, too!

Lawn Care Tips for Summer

During the summer, you’ll see smiles and sunshine, but potentially brown and wilting grass, too. If you notice this, it might be grub worms in your lawn. Check if there are more than 10 per square foot and then treat your lawn with a chemical pesticide. Your grass is a speed demon in growth right now, so to keep your lawn healthy, mow often enough where you’re removing only 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.

Set your blade height to 3 inches and water your lawn so it receives about an inch per week. During your late summer lawn care, weeds might also run rampant, so be sure to remove them with a garden fork and try to get the roots. Keep your mower clean and debris off your grasses. And enjoy yourself and the great weather!

Lawn Care Tips for Fall & Winter

For your fall lawn care, be sure to remove any dead grass that didn’t enjoy the summer heat. Consider planting new grasses to help patch any brown spots. Aside from that, just keep leaves and debris off your grasses. This organic matter can add nutrients back to your soil, but break it up so they don’t suffocate your lawn. Fall lawn care fertilizer is also important if you are in a colder region of the country.

In terms of winterizing your lawn, majority is prep during the fall and then keeping leaves and debris that can smother your lawn off your grasses. You might consider sowing winter grasses or applying a winter fertilizer too. Be sure to give your grass a nice trim before the snow comes in.

This do-it-yourself lawn treatment might seem like a lot of work, and that’s because it is! If the hard work seems like a great pas time, then enjoy yourself and the rewards.

If you’d rather look for a lawn care service, we hope you will consider Spokane’s Finest Lawns. We have a lawn care schedule for the northwest and will customize it to fit your lawn. We ensure your lawn will look its best all year long. #newyearbestlawn #newyearbetterservice #2019lawnservice