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Okay, to be fair, the idea of “best lawn care service in Spokane Valley, WA is different for everyone. However, whether it be lawn mowing, leaf removal, sod installation, or weed control, you want to be able to pick a company that not only provides the right lawn care services but also knows how you and your lawn want to be treated by the end of the day.

That’s why we, the people at Spokane’s Finest Lawns, are here to help.

Step 1: Get to Know Your Lawn and Its Needs 

Okay, for the most part, this step seems pretty straightforward. After all, if you want to give your lawn the best treatment that you can possibly give it, you need to be able to know not only what the underlying problem with your lawn is, but also what the weather is like outside of your home, what the pH of your lawn’s soil is, what type of grass grows on top of your lawn, and so on.

While it may seem cumbersome to have to go through all of that research, given that lawn care can be both expensive and time-consuming, it’s better you know right away what it is that your lawn needs before you find out the hard way that maybe that Bermuda grass sod you ordered online may not be the best grass to grow on your lawn during the wintertime.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Lawn Care Budget

As we stated before in our previous section, managing in your lawn can be both expensive and time-consuming. So while the idea of spending a nice sunny weekend mowing and maintaining your lawn may not seem bad at first, keep in mind that because your lawn is constantly changing with the times and seasons, the cost of maintaining your lawn may be higher than you think.

According to the American Time Use survey in 2015, On average Americans spend 70 hours a year and a total of 9 billion gallons of water a day maintaining [lawns].”  So as you can probably imagine, this will have a large effect on both your utility bill and how much you’re willing to pay to have someone take care of your lawn.

Step 3: Research Local Lawn Care Companies Online

Why local, you ask? Chances are, they already have the resources needed to help make your lawn nice and beautiful. Many local businesses also may charge cheaper than their national competitors. In addition to that, local lawn care companies have client reviews that may help  your buying decision when choosing a lawn company for you.

 Here at Spokane’s Finest Lawns, because we are a family company, we understand what it’s like to have to go through all of that pain and suffering of having to find the perfect lawn care company. So if you want to give us a test run to see if our services match your lawn care expectations, then give us a call at 509-910-8515. Plus, we love getting to know our customers and their lawns.

Step 4: Check The Company’s Services, Followed by Credentials

Since different companies provide different services, it’s always important that you know what exactly is it that you want to get for your lawn ahead of time. For instance, here at Spokane’s Finest Lawns, we provide services for lawn mowing, leaf removal, shrub pruning, snow removing, and many other services for all seasons.

As for credentials, while this may not necessarily apply to newly formed, local lawn care companies, it’s always good to make sure that the companies whom you’re working with know exactly what it is that they’re doing. Plus, you never know if the reviews and credentials online are legit or not. So if you can, check to make sure that the company is providing consistent, good work. Otherwise, you’d be wasting your time on a company that doesn’t care about your lawn in the first place.

Step 5: Give the Company A Call and Give Their Services A Try!

Because why not? You deserve to work with a company that knows exactly what your lawn’s needs are beforehand.


So tell us, fellow readers, what do you think about our steps to find the best lawn service in Spokane Valley? Do you agree or disagree with them? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 

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Spokane’s Finest Lawns currently offers lawn care services in Spokane Valley, Veradale and Liberty Lake, WA. 

Are you ready to take care of your lawn yourself?

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