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Winter weather brings holiday cheer, hot cocoa, and the beautiful white snowfall to Spokane Valley. However, the harsh cold can also bring damage to your landscape if not properly prepared.  Remember those beautiful landscape features are alive!  We will show you how to protect trees and shrubs in the sometimes harsh Washington Winters.

Preparing trees for winter and protecting bushes from snow can be an intimidating task without the right know-how, but Spokane’s Finest Lawns can help you every step of the way. Below are 5 easy tips on how to prepare your landscape for the upcoming winter season.

Maintain the health of your landscaping throughout the winter season

The best way to protect trees in winter is to ensure they are going into it healthy and strong. Be sure to water your plants throughout the fall, especially if they are newly planted trees or evergreens. If you’ve had a lot of rain throughout fall, watering might not be necessary. Just ensure your trees and bushes are well hydrated before the cold comes in.

Have your trees and shrubs pruned

Pruning your landscape is crucial when entering the winter season. Dead or dying branches can become hazards with the weather, particularly through storm damage. The winter weather, snowstorms, or strong winds mixed with damaged branches can be dangerous to your home and your family.

Snow can build up and cause the weak branches to break and fall. Just be sure to not prune too much as this could weaken the entire plant. The best way to guarantee that the pruning gets done right is to use a landscaping service such as Spokane’s Finest Lawns.

Use an anti-desiccant spray

Desiccation is where your plants dry out, which is one of the main causes of damage to your plants during the winter season. When the ground freezes, the trees and shrubs get their water from their leaves and stems, but an anti-desiccant helps your plant retain moisture throughout the season.

Also known as anti-transpirants, they provide a protective coating to minimize the water that escapes. Anti-desiccant is a great tool for protecting shrubs in winter, as they’ll be gone by springtime and will protect your plants and evergreens from drying out.

Consider wrapping your trees or covering your shrubs

Wrapping trees for winter is a process where burlap or a similar material is wrapped around the trunk of a tree during the winter to protect it from damage. Wrapping trees in burlap can protect the fragile trunks from sun reflection off the snow, which is known to cause vertical splits and salt damage.

Protecting newly planted trees from winter weather is best achieved with tree wrapping. Winter shrub covers are also an option for how to protect plants from snow damage. Covers can be purchased online or at your local lawn and gardening store and the act as a small house, protecting bushes from snow.

Consult a lawn care professional at Spokane’s Finest Lawns

If you have any questions or need guidance or assistance, Spokane’s Finest Lawns is always here to help. We offer shrub pruning to get rid of dead and dangerous debris and landscape clean up to ensure the remnants of fall won’t freeze to your lawn. And while we help you prepare for the winter, consider our snow removal services during the season! We can help keep your family safe and your landscape healthy this winter season. Call us today at 509-910-8515.