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Landscaping Services in Spokane

We install mulch and keep landscape beds weed-free all season long! Request your quote today if you would like us to take care of maintaining your landscape beds today.

A large residential home in Spokane with a freshly mowed and well kept lawn.

Mulch Installation Service

Hire the local landscapers at Spokane’s Finest Lawns to mulch the landscape beds around your home this year and let us show you just how much potential your landscape has!

Our mulch service included:

  • Mulch delivery and installation
  • Weeding and preparing the beds to accept the new mulch
  • Complete cleanup of the job site
  • Option to have us keep your mulch weed-free all season long!

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Why should you install fresh mulch each year?

Fresh mulch certainly makes a landscape bed look nice, but did you know there are additional benefits to installing mulch in your landscape beds?

Along with its nice looks, mulch helps the soil beneath retain moisture.  With less evaporation, moisture stays in the soil longer for your landscape plants.  Mulching your landscape beds is a great way to protect the investment in your landscape plants.

Mulch can also help suppress weeds.  We are not saying mulch eliminates weeds, but it does help reduce the number of weeds.  Since mulch is an organic material, over time it will break down and weeds can begin to grow from this nutrient-rich organic material just like they can from the soil.

We offer landscaping services in Spokane County, WA:

  • Spokane
  • Spokane Valley
  • Liberty Lake

Landscaping Quote Request Form:

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We also prune plants to keep them healthy and contained within their space in the landscape beds!

A small overgrown hedge lining a porch before trimming.

Weeding and General Maintenance of Landscape Beds

Along with hiring us to install mulch, many of our current customers want us to keep their mulch weed-free and to keep their plants trimmed.

If you are interested in having us maintain your landscape after the mulch service we are more than happy to but there is no obligation to have us perform ongoing landscape maintenance.

If you are interested in spring landscaping, we also clean up landscape beds after the winter months.

How can we earn your business?  We can answer all of your questions.  Check out our reviews and then give us a call.