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Fall Lawn Services

Fall lawn care is very important.  As the fall climate replaces the summer’s warm temperatures, it creates a lot of work in the lawn and landscape.  We are here to help!  Take a look at the most common services we perform for your friends and neighbors in Spokane Valley and nearby each fall season.

Leaves falling and gathering on a lawn during Fall.

Leaf Removal Service

Many people don’t give the fallen leaves a second thought, but the fact of the matter is, leaving fallen leaves on your lawn and landscape for an extended period of time can cause serious damage. Don’t worry, we collect and remove leaves!

For the typical homeowner in Spokane Valley, removing leaves from their property can get a little overwhelming.  Our area is known for large shade trees.

We have the proper tools and techniques to make this service a great value to our clients.

The Reason You Want To Remove Leaves From Your Lawn and Landscape

The reason is that as the leaves begin to naturally break down over time, it creates an ideal environment for disease and fungi to thrive.  What seems like it would be an innocent oversight could potentially wipe out large sections of plants in your landscape beds or big patches of your lawn.

Even if you don’t go with us, please pick up your leaves for your plants’ sake!  We cannot stress the importance of this fall lawn care service enough. Please see our blog post for more information on winter lawn care.

Leaving leaves on your lawn over the winter months opens the door for disease, fungus, and pests!

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A Spokane's Finest Lawns employee gathering clippings for disposal after a landscape cleanup.

Fall Lawn & Landscape Cleanups

We offer more year-end lawn and landscape services.

Can we help with your year-end mowing or prune your shrubs back into shape? Let us know.

We also remove snow, but our schedule fills up quickly. Please contact us for snow removal availability.

We are here for any or all of your fall lawn and landscape needs.

A Spokane home with a beautiful and lush green yard courtesy of Spokane's Finest Lawns and their fertilization program.

Fall Lawn Fertilization

If you only get one lawn treatment per season, the fall treatment would be the one you want!

Get the most bang for your buck and set your lawn up to look its best next season.

Your lawn’s roots grow the fastest in the fall!  Feed them!

Learn more about our lawn treatment program and read our blog about late season fertilization!!

We are here for any or all of your fall lawn and landscape needs.

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A Spokane home after a fall cleanup. All fallen leaves and debris have been cleaned up and the lawn has been freshly mowed.

Fall Lawn Care in Spokane, WA

The fall is a busy time of the year for us at Spokane’s Finest Lawns.  It is also a busy time of the year for the lawns and landscape in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and nearby.  While you are busy preparing for the upcoming holidays, let us remove a little stress and handle your lawn and landscape needs this fall.

We’d love to care for your lawn each fall, but are lawn services are available year-round.  We focus on residential clients by providing personalized service and extreme attention to detail.  Learn more about our lawn mowing service or how we can keep your lawn as green as can be and weed-free all year long.

If you are on the fence, check out the glowing reviews our current and past lawn clients have left us across the internet.

You can read our blog about protecting trees and shrubs over winter for some more information.

A Spokane's Finest Lawns employee on a ladder using electric trimmers to prune a very tall hedge.

Fall Shrub Trimming Spokane Valley

When you prune your plants in the fall after the growth has stopped for the season you get to enjoy your manicured shrubs all winter long.

If you are not needing a more robust fall cleanup service, we are happy to swing by and just prune your shrubs.

As always,  after we are finishing trimming the excess growth off the plant material we collect and remove it off-site.

Learn more about our plant pruning service.

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