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Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

We open sprinkler systems in the spring and blow the lines out in the fall/early winter to prevent pipes from bursting.

With the cold winter months that we experience in Washington state, it is very important to open and shut your irrigation system at appropriate times. Closing the sprinkler systems down in the fall is often referred to as winterizing your irrigation system.

Whether you need sprinkler repair or irrigation system maintenance performed, we are happy to provide you with our quote quickly and get you on our schedule quickly.

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How To Maintain An Irrigation System

When everything is working as expected, maintaining your irrigation system is not a worry.

The best way to ensure that your sprinkler system continues to perform like new is to have it maintained regularly.

The main maintenance task for a sprinkler system in Spokane County is properly opening and shutting the system each spring and fall.  Failing to clear the pipes of water during the winter months is a surefire way to have water freeze inside the pipes and create leaks.

Over time, the electronic components of a sprinkler system need to be adjusted.  The main things to check and calibrate are the main control box and rain sensor.

When sprinkler heads begin spraying water in unintended areas, it is usually just a quick adjustment that we include with our sprinkler maintenance service.  If a sprinkler head needs to be replaced, we also offer sprinkler system repair.

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