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Snow Removal Service

Set up your snow removal service with Spokane’s Finest Lawns as early as possible in the season as we only take on a limited number of snow removal clients to ensure timely service!  This service is only available to commercial clients.  Thanks for understanding.

2 snow plow trucks in a parking lot with Spokane's Finest Lawns graphics on them.
A Spokane's Finest Lawns gray work truck outfitted with a commercial snow plow.

24/7 Availability

We are not new to snow removal and fully understand the importance of hiring a competent and reliable service in Spokane County.

These are our top priorities when removing snow:

  • Safety – Yours and Your Families, and your employees and customers for our commercial clients.
  • Timing – We don’t get to pick when it snows, so we stay on-call and at your service.
  • Thoroughness – When a snow removal service is not performed properly, it might as well not have been performed at all. We do it right on the first trip out.
  • Price – As with all of our services, we offer our snow removal services at the best price we possibly can.

We are available 24/7 during snow emergencies!  You can rely on us.

A gray Spokane's Finest Lawns work truck outfitted with a large snow plow.

Commercial Snow Plowing Service

Spokane’s Finest Lawns does not take the winter off!  We remove snow.

We have professional equipment, along with a $2M general liability insurance policy, to get your snow removed fast and safe. No matter what time the snow begins to create hazardous conditions, we are ready to snap into action and go to work.

We are not the snow removal crews you see that don’t seem to want to get out of their truck!

We will not only remove the snow from your driveway or parking lot, but we will also clear the snow from all walkways, entrances, patios, stairs, decks, porches … we think you get the idea!  Our number one concern is your safety.  Once we are finished with our prompt snow removal service, you can rest assured your property is once again safe for all, whether in a vehicle or on foot.

Don’t forget we are here for all of your lawn care and landscaping needs.  Browse all of our lawn services and see which may benefit you the most.  We are happy to perform any or all of them for you!

We are there when we get a foot or more of snow… and when the smaller snow events create hazardous conditions. We are there every time.

Request Your Snow Removal Bid

How can we earn your business?  We can answer all of your questions. Check out our reviews and then give us a call.