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Sprinkler Repair Spokane Valley

Due to popular demand, Spokane’s Finest Lawns is officially offering sprinkler repair and maintenance officially in 2020.  We have been maintaining our lawn mowing clients’ and lawn treatment clients’ lawns for several years now.  After getting so many requests for sprinkler repair and opening irrigation systems this spring, we are now offering this needed service to all residents and businesses in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake.

We work on irrigation systems whether we installed them or not.

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A irrigated and non-irrigated lawn side by side. The lawn with a irrigation system is noticeably more green and healthy.

Why irrigate your lawn?

If you are a lawn care nut like all of us at Spokane’s Finest Lawns you want to irrigate your lawn simply because you want it to be as healthy as can be.

Doesn’t this irrigated lawn just look amazing!

For the best results, we highly recommend our lawn treatment program to compliment your sprinkler system.

Contact us if your irrigation system is leaking!  We perform sprinkler repair.

A leaking irrigation system in the process of being repaired by Spokane's Finest Lawns.

We Repair Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler systems are great but they do require repairs from time to time.

Sprinkler head replacement, leak repairs, adjusting sprinkler heads, adjusting zone timing, and troubleshooting control box issues are service calls we get weekly for our sprinkler repair service.

We open sprinkler systems in the spring and shut them down in the fall.

A sprinkler head watering a lawn.

Sprinkler Head Replacement & Adjustment

Sprinkler heads are a vulnerable piece of your irrigation system.

The heads are prone to get stepped on, ran over, or hit by a lawnmower as they are installed at ground level and raise up slightly when in use.

Since we perform sprinkler repair services regularly, we can tell if your issue calls for parts to be replaced or if a simple adjustment can be made to save you money.

Learn about the best times to water your lawn and how often and how long you should water.

We work on all types of irrigation systems no matter the brand or age of the system.

Multiple sprinkler heads watering a curb.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

We open sprinkler systems in the spring and blow the lines out in the fall/early winter to prevent pipes from bursting.

With the cold winter months that we experience in Washington state, it is very important to open and shut your irrigation system. Closing the sprinkler systems down in the fall is often referred to as winterizing your irrigation system.

Whether you need sprinkler repair or irrigation system maintenance performed, we are happy to provide you with our quote quickly and get you on are schedule immediately.

Sprinkler Repair Pricing

Residential sprinkler maintenance and repair pricing for lawn and landscape sprinkler systems in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake, WA performed by Spokane’s Finest Lawns.

Residential Sprinkler Startup Pricing:

$100 (1-4 zones)
$199 (5-8 zones)
$289 (9-12 zones)
$399 (13-16 zones)

Sprinkler startups include turning the water on to sprinkler system, programming the timer, and adjusting nozzles and sprinkler heads for optimal coverage.  ‘Zones’ refers to the number of zones your irrigation system has.

Residential Sprinkler blow-out pricing:

$75 for up to 6 zones ($5 per zone after the 6th)

Sprinkler repair service call pricing:

$85 per service call good for up to 30 minutes of troubleshooting, diagnosis, and labor.
$85 per hour after the first 30 minutes is up.

Sprinkler repair may also include the cost of any replacement parts needed – We have to identify what the issue is before we can determine if there would be any additional cost for sprinkler system parts after identifying the current issue.

*We do not install new sprinkler systems at this time.

Request Your Sprinkler Repair Quote:

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