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If just thinking about performing all of the lawn and landscape maintenance your lawn and landscape will need throughout the upcoming season has you stressing out a little, meet Spokane’s Finest Lawns.

Spokane’s Finest Lawns is a local small business lawn and landscape company located in Spokane, WA that also serves Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake, WA. All services performed come with a smile and our reliability and professionalism are second to none.

If you are looking for a local lawn and landscape company in Spokane to be your lawn and landscape’s 1-stop-shop, keep reading to learn about all of the services we provide.

A very lush and green lawn that has been treated with fall fertilizer

Consider Your Yard Work To-Do List Done!

Here is a list of lawn services we can handle for you:

  • We can cut the grass
  • We can fertilize the lawn
  • We can spray weeds in your lawn
  • We can pull weeds from your flower beds
  • We can trim your shrubs
  • We can spread fresh mulch
  • We can pick up leaves and fallen limbs
  • We can maintain your sprinkler system

We even provide additional landscaping services to our clients in need and hang Christmas lights before the holiday season and take them down after.

Hire us to handle a single line item on your yard work to-do list, or hire us to handle them all!

At Spokane’s Finest Lawns you can always request free price estimates for any of the lawn or landscape services you’d like quotes for.

A Spokane's Finest Lawns employee using a push mower to mow a small residential front lawn

The Mow & Grow Combo

Our grass cutting service and turf fertilization and weed control program are our 2 most popular services.  60% of our clients that have us mow their lawn also have put spread fertilizer and spray the weeds.  This creates an ideal situation for us and our client.

We run a 6-step lawn treatment program.  If we are only offering lawn treatments to a client of ours, we would potentially only be on their lawn 6 times per year.  Lawns in Spokane County that get mowed on an as-needed basis get cut approximately 26 times during a season.  That means we are on the lawn and able to provide better care because we are literally there 26 more times during the season!


Landscape Maintenace Can Be Labor Intensive

Landscape maintenance can be hard on your back even with the right tools.  Most homeowners have residential-grade lawn tools which increase the labor burden.

Maybe you are a DIY weekend warrior and enjoy mowing your lawn and possibly even spreading the fertilizer and spraying the weeds, we can certainly understand and appreciate that!

If you do have your lawn’s routine maintenance under control and just need a company to maintain the landscape for you, we are happy to do that too.  We rolled out a new service last year after several of our clients asked if we had a service that included checking their landscape beds for weeds and plants that need to be trimmed on a monthly basis.  We used to just offer shrub trimming and mulch installation, now we can keep it looking like new for the entire season after performing the initial service.