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Warm weather means that soon, your grass will need cutting. Lawn care can be a hassle—but cutting the grass yourself isn’t the only option! You might want to consider a local lawn mowing service. The choice of professional lawn care vs. do it yourself might seem to be entirely based on price and habit, but you may find that there are some significant pros to choosing professional lawn care services for your lawn maintenance needs.

Save Time and Keep Yourself Safe

This is the most obvious benefit of hiring local lawn mowing services. In the summer, grass might require weekly cutting—and with homeowner grade equipment, this could be a labor-intensive project that takes several hours.

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Cutting grass is inconvenient—you lose valuable weekend time doing it. Grass cutting services use commercial-grade equipment—they’ll be able to get the job done faster, and know the ins and outs of proper mowing technique, including proper blade height throughout the season and how often to sharpen mower blades.

If you don’t feel safe handling the equipment needed to take care of your yard? Hire a professional. It’s not worth getting hurt to try to do it yourself! Lawnmowers, tools for pruning trees or bushes, or other maintenance tools can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them. Protect yourself and your free time!

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Expertise and Multiple Services

Lawn care services know what they’re doing. Not only do they know where to set the blades on the mower to keep your grass healthy, but at SFL, we can provide other services your lawn needs, like de-thatching or aeration. That means you don’t have to spend the time to perform the tasks or the time to learn how to do them—which could be a process of trial and error that takes up more time and could damage your lawn.

Take, as an example, a lawn care fertilizer service. Fertilizer is confusing! It’s possible that you could use too little or too much, which could actually damage the grass—and the environment. We use the most environmentally friendly products and know how to use them. Check out our Lawn Services page to see our lawn care services list.

Save Money

While this may seem impossible, you can actually save money over time by using a lawn service. You don’t have to buy, store, or fuel a lawnmower—or an aerator, de-thatching tools, a leaf blower, or bags of fertilizer or seed in quantities you don’t need.

Lawn care services prices can be about equivalent to the cost of your equipment and the cost of your time. And a beautiful and well-maintained lawn can increase the resale value of your home!

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When you’re wondering, “how can I choose lawn care and maintenance services near me?”, keep SFL’s foundational values in mind. At SFL, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are professional, reliable, and consistent—we take care of the little things. Give us a call at (509) 910-8515 for your free quote.

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