In 2021 we started offering recurring yard & landscape maintenance services and our clients loved it.

If you are looking to put your lawn and landscape maintenance tasks on autopilot in 2022, let us tell you about one of our most popular services.

Yard Work On Autopilot

Similar to how hiring a lawn mowing service keeps your lawn cut all year long, our yard and landscape maintenance program can keep the exterior of your property maintained throughout the entire growing season.

The backbone of our yard and landscape maintenance includes 3 landscape maintenance services: bush pruning, weeding, and branch removal.

We assess your lawn and landscape, then provide you with 1 low monthly cost to have us come back on a scheduled basis to perform any yard and landscape maintenance tasks that need to be performed at that time.

Some clients on our maintenance program choose to also have us mow their grass and put down the fertilizer and weed control on their lawn too.  Others like to have us install fresh mulch once or twice per year as part of this service.  The options are flexible based on your yard’s needs and your desired level of upkeep.

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Why Do People Loving Our Recurring Landscape Maintenance Program?

Here are the main reasons people love our recurring landscape maintenance program:

  • Regular pruning – Our customers love how their plants look maintained all growing season long without them having to worry if they are pruning that plant too soon in the season or taking too much off at once.
  • Weeding – No one likes the monotonous task of pulling weeds, but it is part of the job at Spokane’s Finest Lawns and a big piece of the puzzle when you want a beautiful landscape.
  • Branch removal – The Pacific Northwest has some big trees!  Depending on your property, keeping up with the branch removal can be time-consuming and if big branches are falling many homeowners are not equipped to dispose of them on their own.

Also, people are busy!  Our program is designed to take up as little time of our clients as possible.  Once our low, even monthly price quote is accepted, our clients’ work is done.  They can even put a credit card on file to pay for their service automatically.

A Spokane's Finest Lawns employee placing clippings and debris in a plastic bag after a Fall cleanup

Scheduled Landscape Maintenance Keeps Your Home Looking Its Best

Spokane Washington and nearby areas we serve such as Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake have some very nice homes with very nice landscapes.  We’ve found this more upscale type of landscaping service appeals to the owners of the more expensive homes more than others.  But, anyone who wants a presentable landscape all year long and doesn’t want to physically put the work in would love this program.  For smaller lawns and less intricate landscapes, the cost of this service becomes very affordable.

If you are ready to have the best-looking lawn and landscape in your neighborhood in 2022, request your free estimate today from your friendly lawn and landscape professionals at Spokane’s Finest Lawns.

Put All Entire Lawn & Landscape Maintenance On Cruise Control

If you are looking for more, we do offer more!  As previously mentioned, lawn mowing, lawn treatments, and mulching are commonly requested additional lawn and landscape services we offer that can be performed in conjunction with our yard & landscape maintenance program.

Leaf removal is typically only needed in the fall in our area.  That can certainly be added to our program as part of the year-end services.  If you have a sprinkler system, we open, shut, and make sprinkler repairs.  Our most popular service over the winter months is Christmas light hanging.

Hire us to handle the lawn or landscape tasks you least want to do or hire us to do them all.  You’re in control when you work with Spokane’s Finest Lawns.  Learn more about Jose and his local lawn care company in Spokane, WA.