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It’s February here at Spokane Valley and still, the weather is just as cold as it was two months ago. Now what?

Although now may not be a good time to break out your lawn chairs, at least you can start preparing to make your lawn nice and lush this year.

So what are you waiting for, everyone? Grab your pencils, papers, and maybe a shovel (or two)! Today, we’re going to go over how to get your yard ready for spring using these four Spokane Valley lawn care tips.

Mow Your Lawn (If Necessary)

Okay, to be fair, at this point, there’s probably a lot of snow on the ground. Chances are you might not need to mow your lawn at this time. However did you know that grass still grows during the winter time? It just grows at a very slow pace.

With that in mind, when your grass is over 3 inches in length (or 7.62 centimeters) it’s important that you chop it down to size. This way, you can optimize your lawn to its full potential. This is especially true when the time comes for you to release your homemade compost out of its bin and feed it to your plants.

Before you mow your lawn, however, make sure that there are no rocks and twigs crossing your path. Otherwise, even the tiniest rock could create some damage to your mower.

Also, make sure that your blade is nice and sharp! Otherwise, it would be a nuisance to spend more than an hour cutting your own grass.

For more information on how to mow your lawn, please check out this article on how to mow properly.

Aerate Your Lawn (When Ready)

We mentioned this in our lawn care 2019 blog, but it is important to aerate your lawn before every season. This way, your lawn could remain healthy throughout the whole year.

By aerating your lawn, you can…

  • Further develop your lawn’s root system
  • Return nutrients to the soil

All of which makes it easier for fertilizer and new grass seed to connect with the soil!

For more information on how to aerate your lawn, please read this article on lawn aeration.

Add Fertilizer (or Compost) When Necessary

At this point, your lawn should be nice and ready for planting. So if you want your little darlings to grow up big and strong just in time for summer, it’s important that you feed them the right type of food (or in this case, fertilizer/compost).

Side Note: If you want to add a little “kick” to your fertilizer, then add a little bit of  your favorite brand of weed-n-feed.

For more information on the differences between fertilizer and compost, check out this article on compost vs. fertilizer.

Finally, Plant Some Pretty Perennials (When Necessary)

Hopefully, by the time March comes in roaring like a lion, your lawn would be nice, green, and lush. So if you want to figure out which perennials will add the right amount of color to your yard during the spring, then here’s a quick list of some low-maintenance plants that you can start planting here at Spokane Valley:

  • Shasta Daisies Other than that they’re nice and pretty, what is really nice about these flowers is that they attract a lot of butterflies during the summer
  • Sword Ferns – Forever green throughout the year, these types of plants grow great in areas that have a lot of rich soil
  • Solomon’s Seals – Enemies of these plants, beware! Although these flowers may look delicate, they are actually a very sturdy plant that goes great with ferns and hostas

In Conclusion…

Hopefully, by following all of our lawn care tips, you would have a lawn that is bright and beautiful right before March comes howling in like a lion.

But in the meantime, tell us, which one of our tips did you find the most helpful? Are there any others that you would recommend?

Please let us know in the comments below!

Also, if you need help making sure that your lawn is nice and ready for spring, then be sure to either…

  • Call us at 509-910-8515
  • Email us at Info@SpokanesFinestLawns.com

We will be more than happy to create an appropriate lawn care schedule perfect for your lawn here in the northwest!