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Finally, A Lawn Fertilizer Service Without Excuses!

Our lawn fertilizer and weed control lawn care programs deliver the results you are looking for.  We do have organic lawn care plans we are happy to discuss with you too.

We have room in our schedule to get your lawn treated quickly!  Ask us about current special offers including $50.00 off your 1st treatment or receive a free lawn aeration by signing up for lawn care for the season.  Our lawn treatment service is available in Post Falls & Coeur d’Alene, ID as well as Spokane County, WA.

We have a 100% weed-free guarantee!  

Local Lawn Treatment Service

Our lawn care program includes everything your lawn needs to thrive: lawn fertilizer, weed control, and can include more.  We use the best products available to ensure the health and safety of your lawn, children, and pets.

Every Lawn Application Visit Includes:

  • Fertilizer – Appropriate for the time of year
  • Weed Control – Preventative and curative (as needed)
  • Lawn Analysis – We double-check everything to make sure your lawn is as healthy as it can be.

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Just refer a neighbor and you’ll receive a $25 credit on your next invoice! Your neighbor will also receive 25% off their first lawn care treatment. By the way, there are no limits on credits!

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We’re a Lawn Fertilizer Service in Spokane, WA

When you choose our lawn fertilizer service, you’ll receive:

Proper Fertilization – You will receive 6 applications throughout the year which will provide everything necessary to keep your lawn healthy and looking vibrant all season long.

Our focus is to ensure your lawn is healthy at all times of the year. In order to accomplish this, we use only the best products available in our market. We analyze every lawn individually and create a special program that will be specific to your lawn.

Reference our guide to lawn care in Spokane to learn even more about our lawn care program and why we include what we do in our lawn care program.  We also wrote an article about the true cost of DIY lawn care.

Our turf programs are designed for Kentucky Blue Grass, Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass grass types.

A beautiful residential home with lush and thick grass. The grass is green and weed free.

Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Service

We treat crabgrass among other pesky grassy and broadleaf weeds that like to invade the local lawns.

We perform our program over a span of 6 visits to incorporate broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent weed control when they will be the most effective.

Various herbicide products are properly and safely used to control and eradicate weeds in your lawn. Our technicians receive ongoing training to help identify different types of weeds and learn how to eradicate them.

Being an environmentally safe weed control company is important to you and it’s important to us. That is why our technicians are Washington State certified and trained before they ever touch any chemicals.

Our technicians hold all the valid chemical licenses and certifications required. Equipped with intensive training to identify a variety of weeds, you can sleep well knowing they will turn your lawn into your paradise. We use nothing but the leading equipment in the industry to treat your lawns.

A Spokane's Finest Lawns employee applying fertilizer to a lawn.

When is the best time to apply lawn fertilizer?

While a specific time cannot be set due to the weather differences from area to area, April/May are both safe times of the year to apply your first fertilizer application.

The last fertilizer treatment is typically done in October/November, depending on how quickly or slowly the frost happens. In both of these scenarios, it is crucial that your lawn receives the correct fertilizer to ensure health throughout all the growing season.

Our team of fertilization and weed control experts can help your lawn stay healthy all season long!

Most homeowners opt to hire a lawn fertilizer service like Spokane’s Finest Lawns because there really is a lot of information you should know about turf before performing this service on your own lawn.

For more information on late season lawn fertilization, check out our blog!!

We love green, weed-free turf! That’s also what we deliver.

A home with a healthy, green, and weed free front yard.

Why choose us as your lawn treatment service?

We’re in it for your satisfaction.

Spokane’s Finest Lawns has developed a culture around developing meaningful relationships with all of our customers.

We care about you and we care about the long-term health of your lawn- soil, grass, worms, roots, and most importantly, the effects on your family.  Our lawn fertilizer service takes all of these things into account.

Most other Spokane, WA. lawn care companies carelessly drench your lawn with harmful weed control products and high nitrogen fertilizers that cause your soil to become sterile or worse, contaminate our water.

At Spokane’s Finest Lawns, we use a variety of products throughout the season. Temperature, wind speed, humidity, time of year, and amount of rainfall are just a few factors we consider to make the right decision on the products to use for your weed-free lawn.

On top of that, our company guarantees 100% satisfaction. We will work with you to get the desired results.

A Spokane's Finest Lawns employee performing a lawn fertilization treatment in a back yard.

Spokane Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services

Spokane’s Finest Lawns provides fertilizer and weed control services to all areas of Spokane; South Hill, Indian Trail, 5 Mile, 9 Mile, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake.

Let our team of lawn care experts analyze your lawn and help you create the perfect lawn care maintenance plan to make sure your lawn is the best on the block in 2020!

If you are interested in our lawn care service, you may also be interested in our lawn mowing service.

We focus on 3 things with our lawn treatment service:

  • Turf Health
  • Controlling Weeds
  • Eco-Friendliness

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